Walk and Talk Consultation

Service Overview

During a Walk and Talk Consultation, the buyer focuses on aspects such as first and second impressions, the layout and the esthetics, while the consultant is efficiently conducting a visual review as well as leveraging specific techniques to assess the integrity of the structure.

Why should i schedule a walk and talk Consultation?

While we always prefer a home inspection, the incredibly hot seller’s market in Northern Virginia is prompting buyers to make offers that waive contingencies. This doesn’t mean that buyers need to go into one of their largest purchases without an understanding of the property’s condition. Instead, buyers should consider a “Walk and Talk” consultation. This consultation can help the buyer get a realistic sense of the home’s condition by flagging the repairs and identifying areas that require further evaluation.

Who should Attend

Unlike a full home inspection, or even a limited scope review conducted just before or after an open house, a Walk and Talk Consultation takes place when the buyer, agent, and consultant go to the residence together during a scheduled “showing,” normally between 30 -60 minutes. Since they are making the visit together, the buyer is getting real-time feedback on the home’s condition

Scope and Cost

The scope and cost of a Walk and Talk Consultation will depend on the individual home and the buyer’s preference. Needless to say, the time limit will dictate the scope and coverage of the review while the size of the home also plays a part as well. Given the time constraints, the cost of the consultation will be less than a home inspection. Before going to the residence, the buyer and the consultant can come to a specific agreement about the buyer’s priorities, which will help determine the specific scope. Once the scope has been decided, the consultant will provide a quote. Both these terms should be part of a clear, written agreement so that everyone is on the same page.

What to Expect

The Walk and Talk Consultation does not result in a written report and there are no pictures taken during the review. The information exchange occurs during the consultation with a brief recap at the conclusion. If you are unable to attend the Walk and Talk Consultation, please develop a contingency approach with your realtor to include but limited to, FaceTime Calls or other video chat activities to cover the duration of the review.