Exterior Consultation

Service Overview

An Exterior Consultation is a proactive approach to identifying moisture intrusion points of entry and exterior maintenance/repair items. The home’s exterior systems and components play a critical role in the longevity and serviceability of the home. From the foundation to the highest apex of the roof, the home’s building envelope encompasses all aspects of the structure.


Since the exterior of the home is exposed to daily weather conditions, moisture becomes the primary contributor to material deterioration, fungal growth, and pest intrusion. By reviewing the home’s exterior, you will have awareness for the condition, the ability to prioritize the maintenance/repair items, and even minimize Homeowner Association (HOA) violations.


Our goal is to educate you on the overall condition of the home’s exterior. It is based on the visible and apparent condition of the exterior building and its components. The review covers the major systems to include, the roof and gutters, soffits, siding, brick/stone veneer, utility wall penetrations, windows and doors, as well as structural elements, and drainage around the perimeter of the house.


Exterior Consultations are designed to disclose deficiencies that could materially affect its safety, livability or function. The review is not meant to disclose cosmetic defects.


When to Schedule the Exterior Consultation

This consultation is coordinated after settlement in the event the home inspection contingency was waived or your home warranty is nearing expiration or it has been 18-24 months since your pre-purchase inspection or last Exterior Consultation.


Who should attend The Exterior Consultation

It is recommended that you attend the consultation. This will provide an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding the home’s exterior including, home maintenance recommendations.  While our reports include concise explanations and images, seeing defects in person adds more clarity.


What to expect

Within 24-48 hours of the consultation being completed, you will be furnished with a report describing what was reviewed and the condition of those components.