Pre-Listing & Pre-Purchase Home Inspections

Service Overview

Whether you are buying, selling or leasing, home inspections are important, if not required, for most real estate transactions.  Designed to disclose deficiencies and to identify the positive aspects of properties for sale or lease, home inspections by Biller & Associates in Ashburn VA will help ensure a smoother real estate transaction. You can rest easy knowing that the subject property is safe, livable and functional.

As a seller, evaluating the condition and functionality of your home by a licensed home inspector can make the property more marketable. But potential real estate buyers should never proceed without caution. Always, be sure to schedule a home inspection when buying or leasing real estate in Northern Virginia. A thorough, visual examination of the readily-accessible areas of home by Biller & Associates will provide an accurate evaluation of the property’s condition. The inspection covers the major home systems, heating ventilation and cooling systems, HVAC, structural elements, exterior components and drainage systems around the home perimeter. Outdoor decks, if present, are inspected for proper structure and support.

When to Schedule the Home Inspection

Biller & Associates recommends scheduling home inspections early in the process, as soon as purchase agreements have been made or real estate contracts have been approved, in order to have time to potentially obtain estimates and possibly make repairs prior to closing.

How to Schedule a Home Inspection

Contact Biller & Associates to schedule a home inspection or let us coordinate with your residential real estate agent. Call 571-528-6817

Who should attend a Home Inspection

Biller & Associates suggests that you attend our home inspections, with your real estate agent, because it allows Scott Biller to inquire about any issues that are uncovered. For example, if we identify notable defects during our inspection, you will be there to see the items in question. While our home inspection reports include concise explanations and images, seeing defects in person adds more clarity.

What to expect during a Home Inspection

When you schedule an inspection with Biller & Associates, licensed home inspector, Scott Biller will meet to gather information, compile property data and add images when generating his professional inspection report. Please note that it generally takes Biller & Associates 24 to 48 hours to complete our real estate inspection reports. Once delivered, we highly encourage you to review the entire home report so we can address any comments, questions or concerns prior to closing your real estate transaction.