Pre-Drywall Inspection

Service Overview

This is an inspection of the underlying structure and component systems prior to the interior walls and ceilings being insulated and drywall installed. The insulation and drywall will cover some of the critical materials, such as window flashing, electrical wiring, pipes, and ducts.

When to Schedule the Pre-Drywall Inspection

The best time to schedule the Pre-Drywall Inspection will typically coincide with your builder’s framing walk-through. This is the portion of the building cycle where builders ensure that all agreed upon design criteria and options have been built into the home and that your questions and concerns have been met.


This also happens to be in-line with the building officials required inspection, and when your builder, if applicable, will have their own inspector or quality control review of the home.


Once the builder’s inspector has finished their inspection, and the defects that were identified have been corrected, this becomes the best window of opportunity for the Pre-Drywall Inspection.

Who should Attend

It is recommended that you and your agent attend the inspection. This will allow the inspector to address any questions or explain issues that the inspection uncovers.

What to Expect

Within 24-48 hours of the Pre-drywall inspection being completed, you will be furnished with a report describing what was inspected and the condition of those components. The report is somewhat different than the Pre-listing, Pre-purchase or Post-Purchase home inspection report, both in areas of coverage as well as information presented.