Construction Services

Pre-Drywall Inspection

This is an inspection of the underlying structure and component systems prior to the interior walls and ceilings being insulated and drywall installed.

Final Walk-Through Inspection

A Final Walk Thru Inspection provides a report of the recommended items that may require builder attention and/or follow-up prior to closing and taking ownership of the home.

11 Month Warranty Inspection

A home warranty inspection helps you identify and document defects in your home before the builder’s home warranty expires. Even if an elite builder built your home, and you had the pre-drywall inspection, the home may have undergone stresses, seasonal changes, and likely some level of settlement that could reveal additional defects.

Construction Quality Control & Project Management

Construction processes and contracts are often complex.  A comprehensive project management approach will provide you with the schedules to monitor construction activities, owner-centric cost reports to compare actual costs to estimates, analyses to resolve change order situations early, and a review of construction documents to identify inconsistencies and eliminate ambiguities that contribute to complexities.


Maintenance/Renovation Inspections

The maintenance inspection provides the big picture of the house condition, focusing on the major systems like roof, furnace, plumbing and wiring.

maintenance inspection

Construction Draw Inspection

A construction draw inspection is a type of construction loan monitoring service, typically performed for lenders to assist in determining the appropriate release of funds. The draw inspection is designed to reduce risk and give peace of mind regarding the accuracy of the draw request, construction phase completion, on-site material inventory, and assurance the construction work is consistent with the plans and specifications.

Construction Draw Inspection in Ashburn, Virginia

Construction Expert Witness

Our service often begins with a comprehensive construction site inspection to identify construction issues, defects or violations. Biller & Associates works with homeowners, builders, contractors, architects, attorneys and insurance companies to acquire the detailed information required to provide a clear and concise opinion, deposition, or expert witness testimony for construction dispute resolution or litigation support.

Owner’s Representation Services

Engaging the services of an owner’s representative is the safest way to appropriately manage and mitigate the inherent risks involved in the project development process. Working together with the Owner, the owner representative acts as its advocate, representing its interests with the sole purpose of executing its goals and objectives, providing accountability among team members and ensuring the project stays on track, by adhering to the project schedule, budget and quality goals and objectives.

owners representative in construction