The Three Ps of Home Inspection

The Three Ps of Home Inspection

The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) has designated April as National Home Inspection Month. The April 2021 Real Estate Market is competitive with buyers often having to waive contingences. It is a good time to remember that a home inspection or a walk & talk inspection is an important way to protect what may be your largest financial investment. Whether you are a buyer making sure you are getting the home you want, a seller wanting to avoid unpleasant surprises during the sale process, or a homeowner investing in regular upkeep of your home, a home inspection provides useful, important information.

The People

Your choice of home inspector matters. ASHI encourages the use of a certified home inspector because certification assures that the inspector has received the training and experience necessary to conduct a thorough and accurate inspection. Often ASHI certified home inspectors “offer ancillary services. For instance, recently ASHI developed inspection standards for pre-drywall inspections of new homes or those undergoing remodeling.” In addition, home inspectors often are cross-certified in other areas like radon detection and deck safety, and they can provide these services.

The Process

Not all home inspections are the same. The state of the market, the season, and the needs of the person asking for the inspection can call for varying approaches. From a walk and talk inspection that allows a buyer to get some measure of information in a hot seller’s market to a 2-year maintenance inspection that makes sure no issues have arisen, a home inspector should offer a scope that fits the situation. A hallmark of any inspection is the ability of the inspector to identify any problems with the home, regardless of the scope. ASHI notes that the inspection should include:

  • The visible components and systems of a house, from the roof to the foundation, including the home’s heating system and central air conditioning system;
  • Interior plumbing and electrical systems;
  • The roof, attic and visible insulation;
  • Walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors, as well as the basement and visible structural components.


The Product

It isn’t enough for your home inspector to conduct a thorough inspection. You need to have accessible, actionable information resulting from the inspection. Using a cross-platform, interactive solution like Spectora can maximize the utility of the process. Spectora is designed to deliver the best possible experience for the buyer, seller or homeowner, and a good home inspector will leverage all of its utility to make sure that their inspection serves its purpose. The final report is the most important aspect. It should include photographs that provide context and clear details of any identified issue as well as a written explanation of the problem. It should contain recommendations and be delivered in a way that makes it easy to follow up with any questions or concerns.

Biller & Associates prides itself on delivering the best of the 3 Ps of home inspection. Scott brings his 25 years’ of experience to every project, and he is passionate about leveraging his expertise to the benefit of his clients. Scott is licensed and certified specialties like Radon detection and Mold Sampling that give him a 360 degree perspective. Scott knows the Northern Virginia real estate market extremely well, and he is able to lend his expertise to his clients through speedy, walk and talk inspections or full top-to-bottom assessments. For information about how to use Scott’s services for a home inspection, contact us today.

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