Technology For a Better Home Inspection

Technology For a Better Home Inspection

Home inspection requires skill, experience, and intense attention to detail. During these uncertain times, the stakes involved in a good inspection are even higher. To get the job done safely and efficiently and to maximize the value of the inspection, Biller & Associates has leveraged the latest technology to deliver quality and value in every aspect of the process. All of the technology used by Biller & Associates is particularly useful in a time of social distancing, when electronic and virtual interaction are preferred over risky in-person activities.


Our website is designed to be informative and useful to our clients. We have links allowing our clients to obtain an estimate, schedule an inspection or simply contact us with questions or concerns.

Mobile Phone

We understand that the inspection process often occurs with a deadline, so being in close contact is important. By using our mobile phones, we are available to our clients within a short time period. If there are questions, they can be answered as soon possible instead of having to wait until we are back at the office. Using a smartphone also allows us to leverage other technology on site to create, keep and maintain electronic records.

Pre-Sale Inspection Solution

Biller & Associates uses Spectora, a cutting edge solution that works across multiple platforms to allow us to deliver the best possible inspection experience. From a clear and simple online inspection agreement to post-inspection follow up with links to provide a review, the Spectora experience is designed to automate much of the administrative process of inspections. It includes features such as text and email reminders of key dates, payment processing and an interactive, accessible electronic report.

Radon Inspection

Radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer after cigarette smoking. Getting a fast, accurate inspection is critical to the health and wellness of the household. Using Corentium Pro, Biller & Associates conducts incredibly accurate radon inspections. With Bluetooth compatibility, the device syncs with our smartphone app, delivering real-time analysis, which is a vast improvement over waiting until the inspector has returned to the office to process the data collected in a less sophisticated device. This solution also works across platforms and allows for easy scheduling and report generation on-site.

Construction Inspection

Residential construction benefits from the services of an inspector to assess the status of the project, identify missing items to add to the punch list and communicate needs to the appropriate trades. Biller & Associates uses BuilderTrend, which allows the inspector to go to the site when it is vacant and perform an inspection using the cross-platform solution. The inspector can take photographs of problem areas, upload them to BuilderTrend, mark them up and make notes to be directed to contractors. The solution allows for updates and reports to the builder and the homeowner, which increases the utility of the inspection.

Video Conference

The reports generated by our inspections are clear and user friendly, but nothing replaces the value of a meeting to review the report. Instead of coordinating an in-person meeting, Biller & Associates uses Zoom to conduct virtual meetings. Pulling up the report on screen, the inspector can point out specific issues, answer questions and offer additional insight to the home buyer and the agent. Virtual meetings are time savers and an excellent solution in a time of social distancing.

Using tools and technology allows Biller & Associates to work remotely, minimizing contact and maximizing efficiency. We can provide services on demand so that our clients and their agents can feel confident that they will get what they need when they need it.

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