Infrared Home Inspection Montclair, VA

An infrared home inspection involves the use of thermal imaging to show homeowners things about their homes or buildings that can’t be seen using every day inspection methods. This modern day, non-invasive inspection can better explain what inspectors cannot typically see. A few examples of what thermal imaging reports can detect include:


  • Damaged or malfunctioning heating systems
  • Air infiltration in walls, floors, ceilings, doors, and windows
  • HVAC compressor leaks
  • Structural defects including hidden roof leaks or missing insulation
  • Presence of pests including rats or mice within the walls of your home
  • Electrical faults, including circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement


With thermal imaging, your inspector will explain the limitations of thermal imaging, as well as the capabilities and how it can help you and your property. If you are purchasing a new home, an infrared scan is a great addition to your home inspection. That way, after you purchase your home, you can know immediately what needs to be worked if any repairs or replacements are needed. Biller and Associates can better help you identify potential problems in and around your property in Montclair, Virginia with thermal imaging included in your next home inspection. Contact Biller and Associates today to schedule an inspection on your new home.