Final Walk-Through Inspection Fairfax County, VA

Now that your home project is complete, you probably feel relieved that everything is done! Before you open the champagne and invite all your friends over, you may need one more inspection – the final walk-through. A final walk-through inspection provides a report of the recommended items that may require builder attention and/or follow-up prior to closing and taking ownership of the home. The team at Biller and Associates suggests that you and your agent should schedule the final walk-through inspection a few days before the walk-through with your builder.


What should the buyer look for?

The buyer should ensure that:

  • The roof and gutters look okay from ground level
  • There are no signs of pests, such as droppings or termite damage
  • The property has no needed electrical, heating and cooling, or plumbing repairs
  • Appliances such as stove burners, garbage disposal, toilets, showers and sinks are all working properly
  • Doors and windows lock correctly and are in good condition


What should the seller look for?

The seller should:

  • Make sure that the entire house is cleaned up and emptied out
  • Holes in the walls caused by TV mounts or photos are filled in
  • Ensure that any appliances that were promised to the buyer to be working are functional (and if they aren’t, schedule a repair)


If you are buying or selling a home in Fairfax County, Virginia and would like to schedule a final walk-through inspection, contact Biller and Associates today to speak with a professional, licensed home inspector!