11 Month Warranty Inspection Dunn Loring, VA

Service Overview

A home warranty inspection helps you identify and document defects in your Dunn Loring home before the builder’s home warranty expires. Even if an elite builder built your home, and you had the pre-drywall inspection, the home may have undergone stresses, seasonal changes, and likely some level of settlement that could reveal additional defects.

When to Schedule the Home Warranty Inspection

The Home Warranty inspection should be scheduled at the beginning of the 11th month. This will ensure you have time to coordinate and discuss the inspection results with your builder.

Who should Attend

It is recommended that you and your agent attend the inspection. This will allow the inspector to address any questions or explain issues that the inspection uncovers.

What to Expect

Within 24-48 hours of the Home Warranty inspection being completed, you will be furnished with a comprehensive report describing what was inspected and the recommended items that may require builder attention and/or follow-up prior to the expiration of the builder’s home warranty.


Before the builder’s home warranty expires for your home in Dunn Loring, contact Biller and Associates to schedule your 11 month warranty inspection.