Pre-purchase Home Inspections Chantilly, VA

A Pre-Purchase Inspection is a visual examination of the readily-accessible areas of a home to provide an accurate evaluation of the home’s condition and is based on the visible and apparent condition of the building and its components before a home is purchased by the buyer. While our home inspection reports include concise explanations and images, seeing defects in person adds more clarity.


Though our inspections are non-invasive in nature, our primary goal is to identify any significant defect that can be deemed to be unsafe, unlivable, nonfunctional. By discovering any potential problems with the home before purchase, the purchasing party can save hundreds, possibly even thousands, on home repair and maintenance before the actual sale.


Some things that a pre-purchase inspection cover are:

  • Standard home function
  • Attic framing and insulation
  • Heating and cooling
  • Decks (if applicable)
  • Exterior proponents
  • Proper drainage


Within 24-48 hours of the inspection being completed, you will be furnished with a comprehensive report describing what was inspected and the condition of those components. At Biller and Associates, we give you honesty and transparency before you make a home buying decision. If you have any doubt about whether or not your future home in Chantilly, Virginia could use an inspection, you can contact Biller and Associates with any questions you may have about setting up an inspection.