Seasonal Inspiration

House with white siding and black trim pictured at night with christmas lights

Seasonal Inspiration

As we close out the year celebrating the holiday season with friends and family, Biller & Associates took some time to reflect on some of the most important themes of the season. We found that our services can play an important role in assuring positive outcomes for you and your home.


The real estate market has gone through a dizzying change in the past months, swiveling from a seller’s market, where prices were going well above asking in major bidding wars, to a more even scenario due to changes in the interest rates and the economy. Because of this, sellers need to be more proactive if they plan to sell their homes. Working with a home inspector can identify a task list of possible work to make sure that the home is show-ready. Buyers now have a little more leverage, but low inventory is still making the market competitive. Instead of tossing out the inspection contingency, consider a walk-and-talk consultation to make sure you are going into your purchase with your eyes wide open.


Northern Virginia homes are at high risk for the presence of radon. While newer homes have been built with radon mitigation in mind, older homes may be allowing this dangerous gas to seep into the home. We recommend a radon inspection to make sure that your existing system is operational or determine whether you need to consider installing one in your home. An additional danger is the presence of mold, so if you suspect this is the case, get an inspection for this as well.  While you are considering inspections, you may want to conduct your own to make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are properly installed and functional. Since it is the off-season, you also may want to get your deck inspected so that, if needed, you can get a less expensive repair scheduled during the contractor’s slower winter months.


Many homeowners are finding that the current market conditions won’t allow them to make a move, so they are looking more closely at their house to decide whether they can do a renovation to make it the space they need and want for their homes. The cost of a major home renovation is a major investment, and it can sometimes feel like you are at the mercy of the professionals doing the work to make sure that it is done right. A professional can conduct important inspections and partner with you in the construction process so that you have a neutral expert to evaluate progress and approve the release of funds.


When it comes to gratitude, Biller & Associates is filled with appreciation for our clients and network of business colleagues who have worked with us over the past year. We have been so blessed with their trust and business. We look forward to the coming year, continuing to provide superior home inspection services. If you are considering working with an inspector, please contact us today to learn how we can help.

Happy Holidays!