Gratitude for the Season

Gratitude for the Season

As we draw to the end of a difficult year, Biller & Associates would like to offer some words of gratitude to its community. We have seen the pandemic present an enormous challenge to everyone, and it has brought out the best in so many through service, sacrifice, generosity and spirit.

Thank You For Your Trust

Our clients ask us to help with one of, if not the biggest investment in their lives: their home. From the foundation to the chimney, we are there to assure the wellbeing of the homeowners by checking on the integrity of the house. We know how much it matters to be attentive to the smallest detail because our clients will be living with the results. We thank our clients for this confidence, and we will continue to strive to honor it by having the important conversations, following up and using our expertise.

Giver’s Gain

In business, it is important to network and grow a referral base of contacts. These are the people who have experienced your work, or have had the opportunity to get to know, like and trust the business through meetings its representatives. They offer the supreme compliment of promoting your business for you through their own networks. A key step to growing these relationships is listening for opportunities to open your own network to opportunities for others. Throughout the year, we have seen our referrals provide services and products to our network, and we truly appreciate them for the quality they delivered.

It Takes a Team

No man is an island, and no business like Biller & Associates can operate in isolation. From our home inspection services, to our construction quality control and project management, to so many of our other services, we coordinate with other professionals to take care of our clients. We are so grateful for the diligence and service-orientation that our colleagues demonstrate in making sure that the homeowner is safe, secure and set in their home.

From our family to yours, we want to say thanks.

May your days be filled with joy and your glass filled with cheer.

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All our Best,

Scott Biller, Owner and Inspector, Biller & Associates, L.L.C.