Decades of Experience, Dedication to Service

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Decades of Experience, Dedication to Service

Like most businesses, Biller & Associates did not spring into being, fully formed in a day. Owner and Chief Home Expert, Scott Biller built the expertise necessary to provide a range of services over decades of experience and training. As we near the 30-decade mark, we look back to a path that led organically into the full-service advisory and inspection business that we offer today.

Custom Carpentry and Trim

custom carpentry and trim

The beauty is in the details, and Scott pursued a lifelong passion for carpentry and woodwork in addition to a full-time job in corporate America starting in 1993. Biller Custom Trim & Carpentry, L.L.C., offered unique, high-end wood solutions for residences in the Northern Virginia area, including classical and modern installations that upped the wow factor in clients’ homes.

custom high-end deck with outdoor table and chairs

Scott’s attention to detail and beautiful work quickly expanded into high-end deck work, where he delivered projects that were a far cry from a basic post and plank installation.

From 1995: From Details to Design/Build

Ever willing to build on his experience, Scott took an opportunity to work in McLean, Virginia on a design/build project, which led to the formation of Biller & Associates, L.L.C. Facades and basements were among the initial projects, and Scott’s work was appreciated by his clients for – once again – his attention to detail, and ability to deliver gorgeous transformations inside

custom home renovation

and outside of the home. For the next two decades, Scott would continue to hold down his corporate job and ply his passion for construction and design as well.

Finding a Single Path Forward

After a successful dual career, Scott realized it was time to land on a single focus, and he decided to apply his years of experience in construction to helping homeowner’s get the benefit of one of the biggest transactions of their lives. Biller & Associates opened for business for home inspections. But, like most of his projects, Scott didn’t go in halfway. Instead of exclusively offering inspections as part of home purchase/sale transactions, Scott became certified and offered 360° comfort to homeowners in Northern Virginia through a range of services, which were synthesized into a Mission and Vision:

Inspect, Consult, Educate

Biller & Associates now helps homeowners feel confident that they are protecting and enhancing their property. Through services like pre-listing, pre-purchase and post-purchase home inspections, Scott gets into the details of the home, making sure that the owner or buyer has the confidence that they know what is going on with their home. Scott sees information as the key to confidence, and he welcomes his clients to come with him in a Walk and Talk consultation where he helps homeowners understand the various systems and components that need special attention in a home. Biller & Associates doesn’t limit their services to sale-related inspections. To help homeowners feel confident that their home is performing its functions, Scott will conduct maintenance and renovation inspections as well as exterior and deck inspections to help homeowners have an accurate sense of whether updates are in order.

Not all homes come complete. Scott is there to help with new home construction and major renovation inspection services, including pre-drywall inspections to post-completion and warranty inspections. At every point in a construction project where a homeowner may need or want an expert opinion about how things are progressing, Biller & Associates offers consultation and inspection services. Homeowners can rely on Scott as their expert advocate in making sure that the job is done right.

Safety has always been a major focus for Scott, and he includes mold and radon inspection services as part of Biller & Associates’ offerings. Northern Virginia is a high-radon location, and every home runs certain mold risks. With Scott’s certified experience and expertise, homeowners can determine whether dangerous toxicity is building up in their home and get useful guidance on how to tend to the problem if it is found.

We are Here For You

Biller & Associates wants clients to feel confident and cared for. Every detail matters, and Scott brings his decades of experience as well as his passion for education and communication to deliver maximum value every time. If you or someone you know needs to feel confident that they are working with the best, contact us today to set up an appointment.