Biller & Associates Brings its Expertise to Commercial Properties

Commercial Building Inspections

Biller & Associates Brings its Expertise to Commercial Properties

Like any other form of investment, commercial real estate requires due diligence to assure that the investment will bring a Return on Investment (ROI). Some of this diligence occurs before purchase, while other aspects are part of ensuring the ongoing viability of the investment. Instead of a piecemeal approach, finding an inspection service that can handle these different needs can maximize the value of the work performed. Biller & Associates is pleased to bring experience, insight, and professional certification to benefit commercial real estate investors at every phase of the investment cycle.

Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

When buying commercial property or considering placing it on the market, an investor needs to know the overall state of the building. Issues of safety, usability, or function may not be obvious to the layperson, but a professional inspector, trained in the requirements of rating agencies like Standard & Poor’s and industry standards set by ASTM International, can identify visible and apparent conditions of the building and its components. The key systems inspected include:

  • Foundation
  • Framing and structure.
  • Roof, flashing, gutter systems.
  • Structural components, walls, floors, roofs, windows, and doors.
  • Parking lot, outdoor lighting, irrigation, landscaping.
  • Site drainage.
  • Plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems.

Damage, age, or other problems with these systems can significantly impact the value of a building. A professional inspection and thorough report can influence price negotiations as well as assist in evaluating the real value of the investment. In addition, an inspection is an important step towards gaining loan approval as well as insuring the building.

Identifying the Silent Dangers: Mold and Radon

The safety of building occupants is a critical concern for investors, who could have liability exposure for any dangerous conditions at the site. Northern Virginia soil has a high level of radon, which can impact commercial as well as residential buildings. Radon can occur in any type of commercial building and presents a risk to all its tenants and users. A certified inspector, who can deliver accurate results and appropriate recommendations can mitigate the danger and put a building on track for safety.

Any number of weather and environmental conditions can lead to the presence of mold in a commercial building atmosphere. Areas with seasonal high humidity, frequent rainfall, or high-water tables increase the risk of mold developing in a commercial building even with a ventilation system. A certified, professional inspector can identify the type of mold through visual inspection and collection of air samples throughout the property. This is a critical first step to reducing the health risk presented by mold.

Trust an Expert with an Eye for Detail

Scott Biller of Biller & Associates has the relevant experience and certifications to conduct the inspection needed by commercial real estate investors. His meticulous, efficient process results in a thorough, informative report that gives the reader actionable information about critical aspects of the property. To learn more about his availability for your commercial building inspection needs, contact Biller & Associates today.