A Season’s Reflection on Giving

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A Season’s Reflection on Giving

It starts with the Golden Rule, but there are so many other ways to think about others – “giver’s gain,” “pay it forward,” or “one good deed deserves another” to name a few. As the season changes, it’s a good time for everyone to reflect on how they spend their time. Have you struck a work-life balance? What steps are you taking at self-improvement? How are you helping others and giving back? There are so many benefits to generosity, not only for your reputation, but also for your mind and spirit.


Whether you are catching up with a friend or family member, or meeting a work colleague to check in, try letting the other person do the talking. They may need some advice, or a chance to vent, and making the conversation about them gives them that chance. You can learn a lot about the person when you make the conversation about them.


Does your neighbor need to clean their gutters? Maybe your mother needs a ride to the doctors. All it takes is a little time and effort, and you can make a huge difference in someone’s life. In business, this can be as simple as liking and sharing a social media post of someone in your network, or looking through your contacts to find a referral.


There are so many opportunities to volunteer, that it almost takes an effort to avoid it! You can see if your local foodbank needs help collecting donations, sign up to work on a crisis line, or help tutor kids. Think about your favorite cause or charity and ask yourself how your time and energy can contribute. If you have a particular skill or perspective, it may be urgently needed by a worthy cause. A few hours a month is all it takes.


When it comes to service, there are different levels of commitment. Many organizations need more complex support. This could mean signing up for your homeowner’s association board, or the board of a non-profit. This will probably mean some more time and effort, but you will be giving a much needed helping hand.


While most charities need funds, many also need tangible items. Instead of a Spring Cleaning, consider doing a Fall Removal. Go through your closets, basement, attic and garage, and ask yourself if you actually use all the items that you have stored. You will find you have more than one of a particular item, or you’ve simply outgrown another. So many places will be happy to pick up your gently used items, which has the added benefit of clearing out your clutter.


Henry Ford said, “But to do for the world more than the world does for you–that is Success.” A spirit of generosity and giving will always be a benefit. Take some time to think about who and how you can give to others, and then make a plan to do it.

At Biller & Associates, we volunteer within our communities, and work to help our network of business and personal contacts with advice, referrals, and, of course, top notch services. As you take time to reflect on the changing of the seasons, give some thought to whether your home has any needs. Is it time for an inspection? Contact us and we can help.