Construction Draw Inspection Arlington, VA

A construction bank draw inspection involves a certified inspector coming out to inspect the construction site of a property. A construction draw inspection is necessary for funds to be dispersed during the various stages of a construction project. As your construction project inspector, we specifically look at where in the timeline the project currently is, as well the accuracy of the project to the original draw request. Our team also evaluates the budget based on the point in the timeline and identifies stored materials on the site.


A draw inspection:


  1. Lets the lenders know where the project is in regards to the timeline they were given
  2. Can help track funds, since the inspector has to account for every cost request and compare it to the on-site representation
  3. Allows the inspector to process change orders and give information on the services and total materials on site


Our services ensure that all of the money from the loan for the project is accounted for. As a professional and trusted risk mitigation company, you can count on Biller and Associates to be there to keep an eye on your next big construction loan. Contact Biller and Associates today to schedule an appointment with one of our professional inspectors in Arlington, Virginia.